Monday, June 5, 2017

Gardening in Taloctoc, Edible Leaves of Root Crops

Gardening in Taloctoc, Kalinga was never a problem because the soil is rich and fertile. You can plant any veggies and it will spring robustly from the ground.

My mother and I had one such camote garden below the teacher’s quarters. We cultivated camote (sweet potato), pechay (Chinese white cabbage) and various edible veggies in out small garden plots.

Image credit: PhilippinePlants&Tress

They grew robustly that we had harvested big camote tubers and also camote tops. The camote tubes were delicious desserts, while the camote tops were nutrition and sumptuous side dishes. We could survive just harvesting our produce from that garden. How I miss those days.

A gardener should be aware of what root crops have edible leaves. This is because he would be able to maximize the plants’ benefits and save money.

It is a gift from nature that some root crops have edible leaves. He would also know what parts of the plant he should take care the most.

He should know what parts of the leaves are good for food. The young shoots are the best part of the leaves because they are fresher, more tender and edible. The following are some of these root crops.

Edible Leaves of Root Crops

Sweet Potato

The sweet potato is a tuber that could be cooked as dessert. The tasty roots are usually boiled with sugar and milk. The young shoots could be cooked as a succulent vegetable dish, too. Even the green young stems are also nutritious and edible. The tuber could be steamed, fried, roasted, or boiled.


The radish has edible leaves and tubes. In addition, it is rich with essential nutrients, such as vitamin C. People should select the top, leafy part of the vegetable for cooking because they are tastier and easily masticated. The leaves can be cooked with fish or in combination with other vegetables.


The bulb of the onion is an excellent ingredient to bring out the flavor of dishes. It is used as a common condiment with almost any dish, whether this is a vegetable or meat dish. The leaves of the onion could also be sautéed or cooked together with the bulb to spice up food and come up with succulent cuisine. The bulb could be cut into small pieces and boiled with meat and fish dishes too.


Just like onion, ginger is a delicious spice that could be mixed with any dish. The leaves and the rhizomes could be cooked together to spice food. They also lend a scrumptious odor to the dish. Sometimes, they could be used as therapeutic drinks for people suffering from sore throat and mouth infections.


Also called elephant’s ear, the taro’s tuber and leaves are equally edible as vegetable dishes. Both should be cooked thoroughly though, because the calcium oxalate crystals they contain are irritating to the mouth. The leaves and tuber could be cooked with coconut juice to add flavor.


Turmeric is the same family as ginger. It is used as a spice to add flavor to dishes. Its leaves are also edible and have the same role in preparing delicious cuisine. The rhizomes could be cut into small strips and sautéed, or grated and added to dishes.

These are some root crops which have delicious and edible leaves. Knowledge of their usefulness could allow people to experiment and prepare delicious dishes that would satisfy even the most fastidious tongue.

Here's a video of edible leave:

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Kissing Customs across the World

Kissing is a universal act that applies to every culture and country. The meaning of the kiss, however, varies with each country.

Kisses have always been an expression of love, care and concern. Knowing the meaning of a kiss in different parts of the world would allow you to understand more the customs governing countries across the world.

Kissing in India

Indians are very particular about their public display of affection. Kissing in public is generally condemned. One incident that had caused an uproar among Indians is American actor Richard Gere’s kissing of Indian actress, Shilpa Shetty.

Most Indians were aghast with Gere’s light kiss on Shetty’s cheeks, and they find it insulting. Indian showbiz personalities and some of the younger generation, however, are more liberated, and found no malice in Gere’s actions.

As a rule, though, do not kiss any person in public to play safe in India. In Delhi, a public kiss would be fined $12. In private, only married couples could kiss on the lips, and sometimes, a kiss on the cheeks and a hug from family members is allowed.

Kissing in Saudi Arabia

Kissing in public, whether it is on the lips or on the cheeks, and whether it is among couples or relatives is strictly prohibited. It is considered a crime to show affection in public. A British man and woman were jailed for one month because

they were caught kissing in the mall in front of other people. Most Middle Eastern countries consider kissing in public as indecent and immoral and are given sanctions.

Kissing in Italy

Italians kiss in public or in private with their spouses, their family members, and friends. They show affection by hugging and kissing without lending any malice to the kiss unless specifically intended. They are expressive of how they feel. Just like in any civilized country, there is a limit to what they can do in public.

Of all the countries in the world, Americans are the most demonstrative of their affection and love. They kiss in public anywhere they want to. A few of them even engage in orgies, and unusual sexual expressions.

There are laws concerning lewdness and indecency, though, that foreigners should be aware of. Decent people do not just make love in public places, and sanctions are given to those who flagrantly violate the law.

Although, gay relationships are now accepted in some states, several people still view gay kissing in public as an affront to their sensibilities.

Kissing in London

Kissing in public in London is fine if the persons do not French kiss. A light kiss on the lips and the cheeks is accepted. You would be charged with indecency, nevertheless, if you do heavy necking and petting in public.

In comparison to the Americans, the British are more conservative in their public display of affection.

Kissing in the Philippines

Filipinos are like their Southeast Asian neighbors, they display public affection sparingly. Couples could kiss each other’s lips and cheeks in public. Family and friends could greet each other with a kiss on the cheeks and a hug.

Sanctions are given to persons who do more than the light kiss. They would be charged with indecency and immorality and would be fined and incarcerated depending upon the gravity of their offenses.

Kissing in Kalinga

In Kalinga, kissing someone is a private affair that cannot be done publicly. The young i-Kalingas are bolder now, and some can kiss (on the cheeks) in public.

However, kissing on the lips in front of many people is still taboo. The groom kissing the bride in a wedding is acceptable though, and rare occasions when couples are allowed to kiss on the lips.

Kissing customs vary for each country, so when you visit other countries you should be familiar with their culture. If unsure of the customs, then don’t do it. It is always best to play safe to avoid unnecessary pain and embarrassment.

Do you agree with these practices? Feel free to leave a comment below to dispute these observations.