Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Watch: Video about Kalinga Culture and Practices

The Kalinga culture is rich and colorful as shown in this video taken by knowledgechannelorg. Naty, together with other Kalinga experts are featured in this interesting video.

 (The "sleeping beauty" image above is courtesy of Lydia Ballog.)

Watch how Kalingas survive. Visit the tourist attractions of the place and various incredible features of the i-Kalingas.

What makes it unique above all other cultures? What makes the Kalinga people different from other tribes? These can be answered in this beautiful video.

For i-Kalingas all over the world, be proud of your ethnicity.

This goes true for those abroad, as well. We are the brave and dignified i-Kalingas!

Watch the video below and spread the wonder and beauty of our Kalinga culture!

Here's WOW!Kalinga by knowledgechannelorg.


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