Sunday, November 29, 2015

5 Ways to React to People Who Insult You Because You’re an I-Kalinga

We find rude people anywhere in society. There will always be bad eggs, who enjoy embarrassing and belittling people. What more, they can do so with a drop of a hat when they learn you belong to a cultural minority such as the Kalingas.

Lola Carmen Ilacad

If you encounter an a_ _h_ _e like the person described above, here are 5 ways you can react to him/her.

1.      Ignore him

He/she pokes fun of you in public by calling you names such as “monkey” or similar words. Ignore him like you heard nothing. Why stoop down to the level of a moron?  If a crazy person sticks out his tongue to you, do you do likewise? Of course not, because you’re not crazy as well, so act as if he’s not there, and you heard nothing. Just leave him and go your merry way.

2.      Smile at him

He/she says you’re a bumbling idiot because you’re from Kalinga. Smile sincerely at him/her. Smile can do wonders, so why trouble yourself by becoming embarrassed and angry.  It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Don’t stress yourself.

3.      Ask him “what’s up?”

He/she calls you an ignoramus because of a tiny error you committed such as, putting the fork in the wrong receptacle. Put on your sweetest smile and say; “What’s up man? Or What’s up guys or girls?” Or whatever is applicable. Then proceed to explain your actions in straight English. Watch how his/her jaw would drop. Oftentimes, ignorant people think that cultural minorities don’t know how to speak English. They would be surprised to learn that even older native people are better in speaking English than Tagalog. My late grandmother speaks English better than Tagalog. Watch their mouths clamp once you start speaking English. Truly learned persons won’t embarrass you in front of other people, so don’t worry about encountering excellent English speakers.

4.      Accord him the “Royal Treatment”

In cases when he/she calls your attention to embarrass you in public. Give him/her the “Royal Treatment” How? By talking to him in the Kalinga dialect. Don’t cuss, though. Remember, you’re a learned person with dignity and self-respect. You can say: “Umma laydom? Ippon mambalo de katnat.” Smile while delivering your rebuttal. This is the clincher. He/she will surely stop babbling and leave you in peace, once he/she realizes he/she doesn’t understand your language.

5.      Give him a piece of advice

In a calm manner, ask him/her what’s the problem, and if you can do anything about it. Then after evaluating the incident, give him/her your two cents’ worth.  During the proceedings, always stay calm and collected. Avoid blowing your top for whatever reason. An emotionally mature person can control or reign in his/her emotions properly and effectively.
These methods are just suggestions. It’s a case to case basis, really. Just remember to react calmly and reasonably. Show the rude person the true, good character of an i-Kalinga.
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