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5 Lies about I-Kalingas; Believe Them at Your Own Risk

There are myths and lies that are often associated with the Kalinga people. Some are outrageously funny and some are outright lies. To help you classify the facts from the lies, here are 5 lies about the Kalinga people.

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5 lies about the i-Kalingas

Lie #1 – Majority of i-Kalingas are dressed in G-strings

It might surprise you to know that the i-Kalingas are now unrecognizable amidst a crowd because they dress exactly like everyone. The young Kalinga natives may even be more fashionable than you are. They only wear the native costumes during cultural events or during presentations of their culture. Some old folk in the villages may still wear the G-strings (for men) and the ginamat (for women), but these are few.

Lie #2 – They are head-hunters

Well, this is true during the olden times when tribal wars were rampant. Today, there are still tribal wars and “bodongs” (peace pacts), but they don’t use bolos anymore, now they use guns instead. C’mon. I’m not saying that it’s a common occurrence. I’m just trying to explain that the Kalinga people are now advanced with regards to technology.

Lie #3 – They are barbarians

Quit the thought that mountain people are barbarians. Numerous i-Kalingas are learned and dignified people who are now in government, in the academe, in the entertainment industry and in science and technology. They are intelligent people who have new and bright ideas. The esteemed person next to you may be and i-Kalinga and you’re not even aware of it.

Lie #4 – They are poor

This is a major mistake you can be committing. That simple i-Kalinga lady wearing an ordinary dress is an owner of several rice paddies in their village. She may even have hidden ingots of gold in her treasure chest at home. Kalinga people are not extravagant in dressing up to the nines, so don’t judge by appearances.

Lie #5 – They are naïve

Ooops, as previously mentioned, don’t judge by appearances. They may appear naïve because of how simple they dress and live but this is an outright lie. Kalinga people are highly intuitive of things and events around them. Hence, treat them smartly for your own good. Have you heard other lies about the Kalinga people? If you agree or disagree with this list you can leave a comment on the comment box below. Your thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated. “Matago-tago tako losan.” (Long life to all of us.)

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