Monday, October 5, 2015

WATCH these Kalinga Chants (Songs) and Learn The Dialect of Taloctoc, Kalinga in These Commonly Used Sentences

I was given a chance to get together with my barrio mates and I was able to refresh my skill in speaking the Taloctoc dialect. Hence, before I forget, here are common sentences you can learn.

1. Where are you going? – Umma ayam?
2. I love you. – Laydok sika.
3. Let’s eat. – Intako mangan.
4. Let’s go. – Intakon.
5. Where did you go? Umma ummayam?
6. I think of you. – Sumsumkok sika.
7. The food is delicious. – Mampiya makan.
8. What will we do? – Umma inon tako?
9. That won’t do. – Ippon makwa kaknat.
10. Why don’t you ask her/him? – Imosom pay kan siya?
11. How much is this? – Piga de annaya?
12. What are you doing? - Umma ko-om?
13. Please give me water. – Itdanak od at danum.
14. I don’t want to eat. – Ikpon laydon mangan.
15. I want to take a bath. – Laydok e man-amos.
16. Let’s go to the river. – Intakod dawang.
17. Let’s bath in the rain. – Man-amos tako de udan
18. I don’t know. – Ikpon agammo.
19. You are beautiful. – Mambalo ka.
20. That’s the truth. – Sanat de tottowa.
21. Let’s take a bath in the river. – Man-amos tako at de dawang.
22. Hey, that’s not true. – Noh, ippon tottowa sanat.
23. Shut up! – Guminok ka.
24. Let’s be patient. – Amman tako pay anusan.
25. Please sit down. – Tukdo ka pay.
26. Please be patient. – Ammam pay anusan.
27. I’m coming with you. – Umaliyak kanakayo.
28. Stop crying. – Guminok ka e man-agaag.
29. This is delicious. – Mampiya sana.
30. Please open the window. – Bukatam od de windoo. Open the door - Bukatam od de lewangan.(There are many English words adapted to the Taloctoc dialect, simply because there are no such existing Taloctoc terms. Examples are: “window”, “table”, and “pillow”. The ancient houses had no windows or tables and pillows.

They are pronounced with a Taloctoc accent. Window is windoo, and table is tabol.) Check back later for new sentences.

A group of relatives and friends came together too, to remember the time when we were kids and enjoyed these Taloctoc chants. Watch the video below of Julie, Lydia, Irene, Digna and Aunt Agsama.

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