Saturday, May 30, 2015

Why Wildlife Preservation and Conservation are Important

Nature and the ecosystem have a way of maintaining balance so that each flora and fauna would support and balance life.

Mother earth heals herself but people have to help her do it. One way that a community can aid mother earth to do this is by helping to preserve and conserve wildlife.

Wildlife has a role to play in the ecosystem. Just like lizards who feed on mosquitoes to balance the multiplication of these harmful insects, wildlife also helps in the balance of the ecosystem.

Here are other reasons why humanity should do this.

Wildlife is part of the balance of nature and the ecosystem. They interact with the environment and with this interaction other creatures survive and others are controlled.

Scientists may not have discovered all the wonderful benefits that we could derive in the preservation of wildlife.

It is a fact though that Mother Earth has a way of obtaining balance and this process could affect man’s existence in Mother Earth’s soil.

Wildlife can also add to a country’s economy through the exciting creatures and plants, and plant products it could provide.

There is also a scientific value of wildlife. It is only by studying wildlife that early processes and occurrences are discovered and created.

When people maintain wildlife, the circle of life is maintained and hence man’s survival as well. The role of the conservation and preservation of wildlife is crucial because it also helps to maintain the natural balances of the ecosystem.

The IUCN releases now and then a list of the threatened species to make the world aware of these wildlife threatened species.

Lions, seabirds, and some species of lions and tigers are among the list. Even amphibians are declining in population, like the golden toads.

Scientists also noticed a decline in primates, such as monkeys, gorillas, and apes. Some wildlife creatures feed on other creatures, which prevents the proliferation of another species.

This acts as a food chain which balances the creatures existing in the ecosystem. If all of these wildlife creatures are eliminated, then this might create a redirection of the food chain, which could be dangerous for human beings.

Humans should stop hunting and selling these wildlife creatures but instead men should preserve and conserve wildlife with its plants and animals.

This is so that the balance of the ecosystem is not disturbed. Any imbalance would affect the existence of man and could be detrimental to man’s health, economy and safety.

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