Thursday, May 28, 2015

Learn Common Taloctoc Sentences

If you’re traveling to the boondocks of Taloctoc, Kalinga, you will certainly need to know some of the common sentences, so you can at least communicate using the dialect. 

What’s your name? – Umma ngadan no?  (Letter “d” is pronounced like a cross between the “t” and “d” sounds)

Where are you going? - Umma ayam?

What’s your viand? – Umma sida yo?

Let’s go to the river.  – Intako adte dawang.

Where are you? – Umma igom?

Let’s eat – Mangantako.

Let’s go – Intakkon.

I’m fine – Ambaloak. (Letter ‘l” is pronounced as  a rolled “y” )

I love you – Laydok sika.

I don’t know – Ikpon agammo.

Yes – On

No – Na-i

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