Sunday, May 10, 2015

I’m an i-Kalinga (Igorot) and I’m Proud of It

Just because you’re one of the cultural minorities (an Igorot) does not mean that you’re a second class citizen. It’s this perception that causes some Igorots to deny their ethnicity.

It’s a misconception that only uneducated and misinformed individuals have.

For those who don't know it; Igorots come from the Mountain Province, which is composed of 5 major provinces namely; Kalinga, Apayao, Benguet, Bontoc and Ifugao.

If you’re well-informed, learned and have traveled a lot, you’ll be aware that Igorots are one of the most honest, sincere and intelligent Filipinos.

I have lived in Taloctoc, Kalinga during my childhood and I have never seen such honest people; you can leave your house unlocked and nothing will ever be stolen.

You can trust them because they honor their words and consider them unbreakable. There’s no need for legal pieces of paper, because their words are good enough to serve as binding contracts.

During college, and even now, there are still ignorant and misinformed people who look down upon Igorots. But, I just think that they’re ignoramuses and are insecure individuals.

Whenever someone asked where I came from, I readily stated that I was an Igorot, an i-Kalinga, to be more specific. Sometimes, some were surprised, because perhaps, they didn’t expect that I could be standing - dignified - among them, and, in addition, I was proud of my origins.

I can go on to list factual names of Igorots who have made it successfully in the local and international arena in various fields, but this page would not be enough.

Do I have a tail? I don’t. I’m as normal as you are.

To all Igorots out there, be proud of your heritage because you come from a noble tribe that is composed of honest, intelligent, sincere and hardworking people.

Umali kayo losan atna Kalinga! Matago-tago tako losan.

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