Monday, August 25, 2014

The Chico River, One of the Natural Treasures of Kalinga

The Chico River is one of the natural treasures of Kalinga. It is a winding river that snakes its way through several villages, such as Bangad, Lubo, Mangali, Taloctoc, Pasil, and Tabuk, to name a few.

Taloctoc is particularly mentioned because this beautiful village is the only village enclosed by the river’s loving but sometimes harsh “arms.” Taloctoc is surrounded by the river, except for a few kilometers that serve as the neck of the village. When you look at the village from the mountain top as you descend via the man-made trail, it looks like a head of a man, because the river surrounds the village.

It is a breath-taking site that most visitors admire. During summer, the Chico River serves as a picnic and bathing paradise for village folk. They would spend considerable time in the river, enjoying the crystal clear, calm waters bathing, swimming or fishing.

Image courtesy of Nats Dalanao of Lubo

Young people often spend the day diving, swimming and exploring the riverbank for wild guavas and berries, and then picnicking by the fine, gray sand. Stone climbing is also an alternative venture.

Some of the stones are so big - they look like rocks. The Chico River is a refuge and a haven for the village people during summer. You can pick the summer months to go there for a great vacation.

During the rainy season however, it turns into a ferocious and cruel adversary; claiming lives by its swirling waves and deadly current. The Chico River is feared, respected and loved. Just like Mother Nature, the river does not serve anyone. It is a neutral force that could be harnessed as an instrument of death or life.

Recently; however, the Chico River is popular internationally as a water rafting attraction. Many local and international tourists have enjoyed the exciting ride in the swirling waves of the Chico River. The people of Taloctoc have enjoyed this nature’s gift to them and had optimized its beauty and splendor. Having no paved roads going to Taloctoc, had allowed visitors to bask in the incredible verdant mountains and the sparkling splendor of the Chico River.

If you happen to visit Kalinga, which is North of Manila, do not forget to visit the Village of Taloctoc, Mangali and Lubo in Tanudan. The wonder of nature, with its variety of unique flora and fauna would amaze you no end.

The natural brooks and waterfalls can also be a source of a countless of interesting activities. An exploration of the Chico River before and after you visit Taloctoc would complete your travel experience.


tashabud said...

Hi Jena,

I had swam the Chico River as a child eons ago, it seems like. Oh, how I wish I could visit that part of the Philippines again.


Virginia Gaces said...

I remember those times too. hehehe...Come visit us again.