Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Kalinga Girl: Simple and Beautiful at Heart

The Kalinga girl-woman is simple but beautiful inside and out. She does not care much for make-ups and fancy dresses, but cares much about family, and how to be of help to them and her community. Kristel Erica is a registered nurse serving her local community in the Mountain Provinces. I laud your noble and generous spirit, Kalinga woman!


13thFool said...

Hi Virginia!

So happy to find this site about Kalinga! I love Kalinga-- it's one of my favorite places in the Philippines. I have been to Buscalan, Butbut and Tinglayan.

I am planning to explore new places in Kalinga like Lubo or some other places you would recommend.

Do you have an email address where I can send my queries or number perhaps?

Thank you!


Jenaisle said...

Hello Emil.

You can visit Boyayao or the fields in Dupagan in Taloctoc. Yes, you can visit Lubo too.

There are village hopping trips organized by locals there. You can communicate thru their Facebook page. Kalinga Tourism.

I'm no longer living there so I won't be of much help regarding tours. God bless.