Saturday, March 30, 2013

Majestic Mountains of the Mountain Provinces

The Mountain Provinces, composed of Benguet, Bontoc, Ifugao, Kalinga and Apayao, are called such because of their majestic, mountain ranges that are not present in the plains of the lowlands. Some portions of Kalinga and Apayao are flatlands and some portions are composed of verdant mountains.

The highest peak is found in Benguet Province, and there were reports of hail rains during wet seasons. Understandably, it is the coldest part of the country. 

The flora and fauna are also incredible in these mountains. If a botanist would visit them, he would presumably find exotic plants.

The Kalinga Mountains are known to grow a variety of edible wild fruits. Wild berries, guavas, and bananas abound that one cannot go hungry. Waterfalls, fresh spring waters are also common occurrences.
Here are some pictures of the mountain ranges of the Mountain Provinces

All pictures are courtesy of Arvie Gaye Trinidad

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ethnic Costumes in Northern Philippines

Ethnic costumes are usually colorful and durable because they are usually hand woven. Although, there are several ethnic tribes in the Mountain Provinces, the ethnic costumes are still similar in their vivid colors and vibrancy.

The Igorot costumes, Bontoc costumes, Benguet costumes, and Kalinga costumes are made up of an array of bright red, green, and yellow colors. These colors are often designed in wavy patterns or attractive designs that bring out the best of the villages and tribes.

Here are some ethnic costumes found in Northern Philippines. Men in G-strings, and women in ‘ginamat’; the ordinary ‘dresses for the folk.

The DILG Provincial Director with his local counterpart in Tadian

Male Ethnic Costume-G string

Panagbenga, Baguio City

Friday, March 8, 2013

Pictures of DILG’s Provincial Director in Ayyoweng, Tadian

TADIAN, Mt. Province - These are pictures of DILG’s Provincial Director in Ayyoweng, Tadian. PD was mingling with the local folk. Congratulations, PD and team, for a job well done.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pictures Panagbenga 2013 Festival, Baguio City - SLU Band and My Niece, Pheith Iena

All pictures featured here are courtesy of Maria Rosalina Persson and company during the recent Panagbenga Flower Festival.  

Ms. Persson is a Filipina from Kalinga, residing presently in Bangkok, Thailand with her family.

The Lead Banner
The Police Escorts

The Military
The Flute and Lyre Band of Lukban Elementary School
My Niece, Pheith Iena, an SLU majorette
Pheith Iena with the SLU Band
The SLU (My Alma Mater) Band- Go Louisians!
The SLU Band performing
The SLU Band