Friday, December 28, 2012

Philippine Ethnic Costumes: Kalinga Costumes

The Kalinga costumes for males and females are simple but colorful; a mixture of red, green, and yellow colors.

During the past, male costume is composed of only one piece, the “bahagG-string

What is the G–string?

The G-string is a one-piece of long short-width rectangular woven clothing made of colorful threads. It is at least 12- 20 feet, depending upon the person’s waist and size.

The G-string can be worn as an upside down necktie, only you have to cover the anus and groin before you tie the knot.

What is a ginamat?

For females, the “tapis” wide woven rectangular clothing is simply tied at the waist is the Kalinga costumes. To cover the lower portion of a woman’s body. In the olden days, men and women were topless.

For children, no clothes are necessary for them, or strips of ginamat were used. Nakedness was not considered rude or indecent.

Nowadays, Kalinga men and women wear city clothing. Only the elderly wear G-strings and tapis or ginamat. The ethnic Kalinga costumes are used only during fiestas and celebrations.

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