Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taloctoc and E Cigarettes: Looking Back in Time, What If?

I wish the different types of e cigarettes were already discovered when I was a kid in Taloctoc. You see, I rarely came across an elder person who did not smoke. Almost everyone has a roll of tobacco in his /her mouth every time they were out socializing. If they did not have tobacco in their mouths, they had betel nut and some leaves.

It was said to counter bad breath. This left their mouths however dark with the color of nicotine or red with the concoction from the betel nut. It was learned later that the betel nut can increase a person’s propensity to oral cancer and that nicotine from tobacco can also cause lung cancer.

If I were to go back in the future to my village I would bring various types of e cigarettes, so that they could smoke it and be less prone to cancer. There are several amazing types from the V2 cigs, blu cigs, green smoke, Luci, Safe cig, Nyoy and the South Beach.

The electronic cigarette comparison would allow users to select from low, high or ultra-low tobacco content. You will have to decide based on your individual preferences. Each e cigarette features properties for all types of users.

If only these e cigarettes were available during those times, then perhaps more people in my village would have lived longer.


Anonymous said...

Hello there...are you sure these "bongol" necklace,are products of Kalinga? Because the Kalinga beads made from Kalinga are far different from those that you posted. Please, post the "BONGOL" that are really made from Kalinga, and not those products of other regions. Thank you.

Virginia Gaces said...

Hello anonymous,

The genuine Kalinga beads are of course different in appearance. If you have pictures of them . then I would gladly feature them. Thanks.