Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Kalinga Song - Ullalim

A Kalinga Song

Intakkon at de payaw
ot inggaw tako at de dawang
magamput kad de ani
mangantako losan at de igon
de boloy.

Intakkon at de payaw
losan de tatago mampangot
te awad kanon tako
nippon mangwa at de kingwa tako.


Let's go to the ricefields.
Where the river is found.
When we are done with the harvest,
we will eat at the houses.

Let's go the ricefields.
All folks should work hard.
So we have something to eat.
No one else can do the job for us.

Kalinga people are industrious. You rarely see someone lounging at home. They are hardworking and honest people who value hard work and take pride in the fruits of their labor.

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