Saturday, February 26, 2011

Miss Kalinga 2011 Winners

During our time, there were still no Beauty Pageants. It may be because; the Kalinga people then were unaware of the beauty that lies amidst them. And I’m not talking about physical beauty but of a loveliness and pureness of heart that spring from within the depths of the soul that radiates to the outside to make a person beautiful.

The Kalinga people have always been beautiful to me. In Tabuk, Kalinga, A beauty pageant was held and these are the dazzling Kalinga women who won in the pageant.

Thanks again to Jerry Tieng for the pictures.


JERRY TIENG works with Titanium Technologies. Some of his hobbies- aside from photography- are scuba diving, history, geo-politics and mountaineering. He is a multi-talented person.

He describes himself as:

Bootstrap entrepreneur, photographer, web apps developer, database designer, business analyst, frustrated architect, mountaineer wannabe, proud dad of 2 girls...

His photographs are works of art that ought to be displayed to a wider audience. You should visit his website and photo gallery or his Facebook page -

This generous young man had readily agreed to "lend" me his photographs.

Thanks Jerry for allowing me to use these awesome pictures.


tashabud said...

My, oh, my. How time have changed. These are no ordinary Kalinga women. They're the sophisticated ones. Tehehe. They're all beautiful, Jena.

They're just as beautiful as the ones for Miss Universe pageants.

Cheers to all of them.

tashabud said...

Awesome picture by Jerry Tieg, btw.