Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lubo, Tanudan in the Eyes of Nats

These are scenic views of Lubo, Tanudan from the mountain crest. The scenes are picture perfect and breathtaking. You should see them in person to appreciate them more. These are only some views that can captivate you. Try the bubbling Chico River, the incredible flora and fauna and the amazing landscape, and you will know what paradise on earth means.

Tanudan is composed of three barrios or villages, Lubo, Mangali and Taloctoc. These three places hold their own attraction and natural beauty: verdant, towering mountains, azure sky with white fluffy clouds drifting by, and the clear, rambling Chico River.

Nats Dalanao took these beautiful pictures and I thank him for allowing me to use them in this blog to let other people know how beautiful Kalinga is, particularly Lubo.

Nats says: “This is my job, administering all the computer network infrastructure of the City Hall, making it sure that everybody is connected to the database on the central server...”

I am sure he does his job well aside from being an artist and a superb photographer. Enjoy these pictures, which were taken firsthand by Nats himself.


Lisa Gayagay said...

Wow, I love these scenes you have posted. Jena, your blog is great I love the posts.

Virginia Gaces said...

Hello Lisa,

Thanks. Nagawi ka rin dito. You are a good writer too.

hazel said...

Truly amazing.. kudos to the concerted efforts of the locale to showcase such wonderful gift of nature there in Tanudan.