Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Kalinga Man and His Clothes

If during the olden times, we can readily recognize a native Kalinga because of his/her costume, nowadays, you can never tell if a person is a Kalinga native or not. If he/she speaks the language , then , you can. But if he /she speaks perfect English and dresses formally, there is no way you can identify him/her.

The Kalingans had acquired urban styles, clothing and speech. There are many inter-tribal marriages that brought forth, beautiful and wonderful people. There are also marriages between the urban or city folk with the natives.

Nowadays, pure Kalinga natives belonging to one tribe exist rarely. Connecting roads and the role of education had broadened the scope of the tribal Kalingan.

Proud of his culture, here is Rene, a Kalinga professional in his native costume. He wears polo shirt to work or coat and tie, but is still proud to wear his Kalinga costume as well. Bravo!