Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dismayed at Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City, Philippines

Beautiful and colorful woven native material.

The beautiful flowers of the Panagbenga festival in the Pines City had made me happy after the terrible experience I had at the Panagbenga parade festival. There was insufficient organization of the activity. The visitors and tourists were not given proper orientation, or even arrows or announcements or signs that could help. There were no signs to say that a street is one way, not until you have entered it. And at the oval, the entrance and exit portals are the same. What if a stampede happens? Even the loudspeaker was concentrated only on people who were on stage. What about the thousands seated all around the oval? There are still many dismaying things I've noticed and I'll write about them later.


ajchtar said...

baguio is no longer as beautiful as before jena....(sigh)maybe we can make a new mountain city! lol!

Virginia Gaces said...

Hello AJ,

How right you are. Iba na ang Baguio ngayon. TC.

tashabud said...

Is Baguio still the capital summer of the Philippines? The last time I was there in 2003, it was just as packed as it was that I can remember.

Please do more posts about Baguio.


ajchtar said...

i have enough reason to believe that crabs are not very famous in! tc!

Virginia Gaces said...

Hello Tasha,

Baguio is quite different now. Not as cold as it used to before.

Virginia Gaces said...

Hello Ajchtar,

What a, neither fishes. lol