Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Kalinga Costume- "Ginamat" and "Bongol"

The colorful beads or "bongol" is a part of the native costume. It is always worn during fiestas , weddings and important occasions.

Woven "ginamat" , a beautiful, native costume from Kalinga.


ajchtar said...

I am honored to say i saw this pic in your camera ahead of everyone else! wow! all the best jena! :)

Virginia Gaces said...

Hello Aj,

he he he, yes you did, isn't that amazing? I'll be posting the rest eventually. All the best.

ajchtar said...

I hope to see them, which reminds me, i should start looking for pics too!...:)

tashabud said...

Aren't they beautiful? I remember wearing them on special dance performance when I was still in the province.

My Mama used to weave native costumes.

This post brings back memories.