Monday, February 22, 2010

Taloctoc, Kalinga: My Village

Taloctoc is the Village where I grew up since age 5. I stayed in the city and then went home to Taloctoc. It was my small Paradise, an ideal haven for those who would like to escape the hurly-burly of city life. Taloctoc then was has fresh, cool air, clear, sparkling waters, verdant, rich mountains and a flora and fauna that were incomparable. I still have not gone back. I hope in time I can and would still see a remnant of the Taloctoc I knew as a child.

Drawing: by Eugene Supermedtech


ajchtar said...

I can already imagine the beautiful scenery of kalinga! i really really really want to go there but the mountains of vizzcaya are scarier than the crucifixions at cutud, san fndo, pamp.......hope to visit your hometown one day jena! tc! :)

Virginia Gaces said...

Aj, well, I will be your tourist guide, when do you plan to go? TC

ajchtar said...

anytime my uncles are ready! all the best jena!! :)