Friday, January 9, 2009

The Way It Used To Be in Taloctoc: The Underwear Experience

Clothing has never been a problem with the natives of Taloctoc. This is where I truly learned that a book should definitely not be judged by its cover. This is because the natives way back in the 1960’s were occasionally in their birthday suits without worrying of malicious stares / intents or of being ostracized by society.

It was me who was considered the alien when I came home from the city, with my undies, slippers, boots, and umbrellas.

A native child usually was barely dressed and oftentimes was naked. The old women were dressed in “tapis” a rectangular woven cloth which was fastened at the waist. They were topless! While the men wore g-strings only.

But no one was raped or sexually molested. Women were respected and revered.

The children rarely got sick. They were made stronger by the exposure to the elements in their environment.

When I arrived at the village from the city, I was fully dressed: complete clothing, boots, undies, and an umbrella (it was raining at that time). The native kids made fun of me and called me “botas” (boots).lol… and there was a time they even called me “panti” lol…referring to my undies.

Previously, when they bathed in the river, they did not make any effort of covering their private parts. But when I arrived, they became conscious of their nakedness. At times I had thought, that I was a "bad influence" to them. I stood out like a sore thumb - the butt of jokes.

I survived all of those though, and befriended them instead; and taught them how to use the things I had.

I also tutored most of them in the bamboo classroom that we had when my mother cannot make it to class.

Soon they learned how to use panties, boots, slippers, umbrellas, etc. When we grew older they learned to wear bras.

I enjoyed being their fashion model.

I ‘m sure if I would see them now, they would be wearing the latest and classiest underwear as they had also pursued college education and are now respected professionals in their own right. Their undies would certainly be elegant and classy.

All of these they could easily obtain from intimates, a classic source of exotic, exciting and enticing underwear. And which I would gladly recommend to them.


chico river - emjas said...

Nice read.
I must say life is much easier back then. You worry for nothing. No rush-shopping for a branded!

Have a happy new year!

Jena Isle said...

Yes, he he he. Nice of you to drop by. Happy blogging and happy new year too.

Jena Isle said...

To Chico river-emjas

I would like to visit your blog, but it seems your link is no follow. If you would be kind enough to turn it on. I'm interested to read your chico river articles. Thanks.

tashabud said...

Oh yes, those were the days, huh? I remember the women in my mother's village also. Their boobs were all bare for all to see.

I'll have to check out the link. I'm always scouring for those sexy undies, you know. LOL.


Jena Isle said...

lol, yes, Tasha, big boobs care.