Friday, January 16, 2009

The Similarity Between Taloctoc and New Jersey

One of the traits that the Kalingas are famous for is possessiveness over their territorial domains. This has been the source of many tribal wars where innocent lives were wasted.

In the 1960s, the natives tilled the land and derived their livelihood from it. There were no land titles but only oral agreements between the natives to separate their properties from each other, but these were honored without question.

Only stones marked the demarcation line of one property from another.

When a big dam was planned to be erected by the government, Taloctoc and all the people of Kalinga, had united as one to protest the project. The natives won and their rice fields, kaingin and villages had remained safe and undisturbed.

There were a few feuds among the villagers regarding properties but these were resolved eventually by the elders. The land was rich with natural resources and no one would go hungry as long as one worked. Mother Nature abounds also and made the place a small paradise.

If I were to compare Taloctoc to a state in the powerful nation of America it would be New Jersey - the 2nd wealthiest state. This bustling state has several cities that speak of historical landmarks - like the Ellis Island monument-to name one. Big businesses are also found in this state, like Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and many more leading pharmaceutical companies. What's amazing also about this state is that the peace and tranquility nature offers could be found just around the corner.

The Real Estate New Jersey has several attractive options for those interested to buy real estate. New Jersey promises a haven amidst the economic recession that now plagues the world. It is a place where you’d be sure to live comfortably because the economy is stable and the cost of living is affordable.

Just like Taloctoc, you’d certainly find a happy home in New Jersey.


jakill said...

Interesting comparison, Jena. I was intrigued and clicked the link.

Jena Isle said...

lol. Hi Jean, that's good. Thanks and happy blogging.