Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beverly Hills Dentists in Taloctoc?

Going to the dentist always scares me. When I imagine the sharp object drilling into my teeth, it gives me the shivers. Back in Taloctoc when I was a kid, there were no dentists around and people resorted to homeopathic treatments for toothache. They also had devised natural ways to extract the tooth by using a variety of concoctions which were almost always effective.

Nowadays though, people undergo dental procedures as easily as brushing their teeth. The local apparatus though could not match the ones available abroad.

The Beverly Hills Dentist would be a professional who is highly specialized and skilled, and who have had excellent training experience in areas like the academe and the clinical setting. The twenty five (25) year - experience of the staff could surely ensure appropriate skills in the performance of intricate and delicate dental tasks.

The utilization of the state of the art apparatus in various procedures, like cosmetic dentistry to treatment of bad breath, would put to rest the anxiety of patients about the dental treatment.

There is also an ongoing discount of $ 50 for new patients, which is a welcomed privilege amidst the economic recession.

At present there are dentists now in Taloctoc. I do hope they’re as good as those dentists from Beverly Hills.


tashabud said...

This is great news. Yes, those places in the boondoks do need dentists, as well as doctors.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Tasha,

They have the beetle nut though, lol Happy blogging.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, I read sometime ago, that the suicide rate among dentists is very high because they suffer from the rejection of their patients. Nobody really loves them, but a 50 $ discount might be a good start...
Happy blogging

Jena Isle said...

Lol, yes, Ray, it should be. Happy blogging. said...

I think my dentist shared the same pain every time he extracted my the look of his expression.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Yeo,

I fear dentists too. but with new gadgets..perhaps.

Dental Tourism said...

Thank you for the post.I sincerely hope they make their way to dental offices. I will visit the website.

Peter said...

Isn't new gadgets makes you more afraid?...More drilling. With those dentists, people in Taloctoc may have a chance of having a better smile.

dentist beverly hills-pete