Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Perfect Video Production Service

The beauty of nature in the far flung mountains of Kalinga had always inspired in me my propensity towards creativity.

As a kid, I started composing. I was the story-teller of the class. As a freshman in high school, I had won the Short Story Writing contest in school with my very first short story entitled - "The Falling Star".

My luck continued to college and thereafter as some of my short stories found their way in the pages of local magazines like Mr. & Mrs., MOD, Women’s Journal and Home Life.

I have not been writing for them, for several years now, as I am focused presently on Online writing with Helium, Triond and Associated Content.

One of my ardent wishes now, is to produce a video or a short movie. I didn’t know how to go about it though, so this dream remained a pipe dream.

It was serendipity perhaps that I came across Video Production Service and found out to my pleasant surprise that this interactive video production service has everything I have been hoping for; from the simplest 2D, 3D, logo animations, to text treatments and stylized effects for world class presentations, to simple website animations. They could help you with your needs regarding any type of video presentation about any topic under the sun.

If you have already a video and would want to give it a professional and excellent touch, then all you have to do is to avail of the services of their expert editors to make the video worthy of an international audience. They could also provide the actors for your videos if you still don’t have actors.

If you want them to do everything for you, then they could! They could do everything from shooting, to editing to final touches to make your video presentation worthy of an “Oscar”; and take note; they are willing to shoot anywhere.

Don’t think this service is only for the big time video makers or businessmen; this service is also for small website owners. You could benefit greatly from it. They could help you with your website’s interactive programs. If you have problems in installing those HTML, XML, ASP and all those codes for your video and animated presentations, just contact them and rest assured that highly trained personnel would attend to even the smallest of your website’s flash animation problems.

I promise myself that someday I will be producing a video about one of my stories, and I will surely avail of their expert and excellent services.


tashabud said...

I Jena,
I can't wait till you get to produce your Kalinga Man. That would be a great one to see in a video format.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Tasha,

yes it would be, I know,. it is a dream. Thanks.

desperateblogger said...


get me as an extra ha?

Jena Isle said...

Hi desperate blogger. lol... thanks for the visit. It is a pipe dream of mine, really...


Anonymous said...


Ossian Productions