Friday, September 12, 2008

Recommended Blogging Code of Conduct

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A code of conduct is almost always established in any civilized, social community. The blogging world is similar to these social structures.

It is in this context that an international blogging code of conduct should be promulgated to set the ground rules for proper blogging decorum and conduct.

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Although bloggers observe an unspoken rule in the blogosphere, several blogging communities established their own rules, because of a few, bad eggs who threaten to spoil the booming and dynamic blogging industry. Several groups like the HP bloggers, the Blogging Wikia and many more have established already their own ethical standards. Websites have their own guidelines that you have to accept and comply with before they accept you.

The rules of conduct that they have adopted have basically the same thrust - the respect for self and respect for others. i.e. be cautious and responsible of your words, respect the intellectual property rights of other people, etc.

Many are against this idea as they feel that it is a violation of human rights and that some unscrupulous people might take advantage of this to advance their own selfish ends; but this can be minimized by promulgating basic ethical norms that every blogger should follow no matter what diverse culture he comes from.

The Ten Commandments would be a perfect example. The commandments are clear, precise and concise. There are various religions but their faiths adhere to the basic tenets of the Ten Commandments.

This Code of Conduct that every Blogger should follow must set clear boundaries between what is decent and indecent language, of what is bad behavior and good behavior. It should set clear laws and sanctions on the violation of intellectual property rights. It should also be a venue for the prevention of bloggers from exploitation, harassment, and spamming and identity theft. These are genuine crimes that only a Universal code of conduct could address and monitor. Integrity and honesty then would prevail.

Including these following aspects in the Code of Conduct for bloggers would make it more significant:

1. no discrimination as to sex, race, or creed we all live in this earth.
2. honest and sincerity these have their just rewards
3. the desire to help and support each other ensuring the welfare of others is ensuring your welfare as well.
4. no criminal activities crime does not pay
5. love others as you love yourself

These all boil down to following the Golden Rule; "Do unto others, what you want others do unto you."

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Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, wow - you are right. The way you put it leaves no question.
May be we all should learn such a code of conduct in school, it would be a good preparation for the internet.
On the other hand, I fear criminal activities will be witnessed in the internet as long as it exist....
Happy blogging

Anonymous said...

Criminal activities used to exist even before blogging. Besides, it's impossible to regulate blogging. Get real! Maybe you can do that in the Phillipines only!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ray for dropping by. You're right, there will always be these type of people. Take care and happy blogging.

Jena Isle said...

Hi anon, thanks for reading, it's only a recommendation if someone adapts it then, it would be good. Cheers and happy blogging.

Hi Ray, that was me the previosu comment, I forgot to log in, thanks again.