Friday, September 26, 2008

Read These Interesting Articles from Helium

Reasons to visit the Philippines

The Philippines is known as "Pearl of the Orient". It is because visiting the Philippines would be like visiting numerous wonderful places all over the world.
First just like the vast, beautiful lands of Australia, the Philippines could provide the visitor various interesting nature tripping adventures that you could engage in. Ibiza and the Bahamas offer beaches and nature, but read on why the Philippines beaches are also worth a visit.

Community programs that can promote youth development

Community programs that can promote youth development
Youth development should be the primary consideration of any community because the youth are"The Hope of the Fatherland" (Jose Rizal).
It is right and proper therefore, that community programs should promote youth development.
What community programs could do this? The below mentioned are some suggestions of useful and relevant programs:

Human rights and democracy in East Asia

Human Rights and democracy go hand in hand. A country cannot say that it is observing human rights if democracy is not instituted.
The cry for democracy and for action against human rights violations is common in East Asia, Japan, North and South Korea and China and Mongolia, Vietnam, Philippines, and the other South East Asian countries.

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