Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Welcome to Entrecard - Bill of "From The Boondocks"

This blog had fascinated me since I first visited it in the early days of March, because of its multifarious features and posts that truly speak of Kalinga culture and tradition. Aside from featuring these it also updates the reader on current events in Kalinga.

Bill Billig, the author of the blog is a seasoned writer who can graphically and fluently discuss not only Kalinga culture and practices but also any challenging topic under the sun.

Even before he decided to become an entrecarder I've been a constant visitor to his site.

Now that he is a member of our entrecard communtiy, I'm sure he will be having more interested visitors and readers.

I'm glad that he finally opted to be a part of our entrecard community.

Welcome Bill and enjoy your stay here!


fatherlyours said...

Vistied the site and drop my ecard too!

Jena Isle said...

Hi Fatherly yours,

Thanks for that. Happy blogging.

Bill Bilig said...

Hi Jena,
Wow. This is such an unexpected warm welcome. Thank you so much. I'm still trying to familiarize myself with entrecard so that I can be a more active entrecarder :-)

Hey, I think you know more about Kalinga than I do. Ikaw ang expert natin on Kalinga cultures and traditions :-)


Bill Bilig said...

Hi Jena,
Off topic: Have you considered doing PayPerPost and Social Spark. These are companies that pays bloggers to blog about products and services. You might want to check them out if you're planning to make money off your blogs.

Apologies for going off topic :-)

Jena Isle said...

Hi Bill, did you receive payment form them already?I read somewhere kasi, that they don't deliver?? Can you shed more information about this? Thanks for the info and thanks for the visit.

Your posts are more updated than mine are, because I no longer live there...but still I write from my experiences when I was a younger. (lol - that was not so long ago...)

Jena Isle said...

WHEN I WAS A YOUNGER KID??? he he he...

tashabud said...

Jena, I went to visit Bill Billig's blog and am impressed with his blog decor. It appears that he knows about blogging with the way his site looks. Is he located in Baguio? The name sounds so familiar to me, for some reason.

Camille said...

ei thanks for the previous comment.. it was very long and informative! :) take care!

Jena Isle said...

Hello Tasha, he's from Natonin or Bontoc. You may want to leave a comment in his site.

Hi Camille, you're welcome, I hope you can apply the pointers. Thanks for dropping by.

tashabud said...

I did. I just have to go check out to see if he responded.

Also Jena, I've been reading your novel. I'm up to chapter 10. I left comments starting from chapter 7.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Tasha, that's a good idea. Thanks for dropping by my Gewgaw site. Happy blogging.