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I am happy to announce the winner for the "Comment on The Kalinga Man" contest. Drum roll.....and the winner is - "TASHA'S TAKE", also "THE BIG PICTURE" !

Her comment is the most appropriate and the most creative. I like how she described the daily chores of the young kalinga man, and how the young man would have aspired for an excellent education. Read Tasha's comments below.

My input; The Kalinga man was able to achieve that education in a prestigious university in the city. He brought pride to the native folk by gaining honors and accolade because of his academic and non academic accomplishments.

He is proud to belong to the cultural minority - The Kalingas- and wear this identity like an honor badge.

In this picture, a cultural festival was celebrated in the city. The Kalinga man - already successful with a family of his own - took off his city clothes and proudly donned his native Kalinga costume.

Some would not dare bare their almost naked bodies to show the world that they belong to the cultural minority, but the Kalinga Man is different - he takes pride in it because he knows that there are lots of reasons to be proud of his origin; and that belonging to a certain group of people does not define you as a person. It is what you become that counts.

So in this picture, he had gone to the festivity in his native costume, not only to show the world that he is a Kalinga, but also to share his rich culture and tradition. (Taddok) dances, Salidummays (songs). He has a burning fervor for life!

He had his camera with him and was taking pictures of his family and friends. While doing this, a close friend saw the unique, beautiful contrast of culture and technology in the Kalinga man's pose... and had clicked, in return, this perfect shot!

I have decided to award 4 (four) winners - 1st, 2nd and 3rd ( 500 EC, 300 EC and 150 EC) and a special award (her comment made me smile, and yes the Kalinga man is more updated than me and perhaps you (lol) - 100 EC) . For the rest of the participants -(50 EC each)

I have also mentioned all the participants in a blog roll in this post. My way of saying thank you, in behalf of the Kalinga man and of course, also from me.

Blogger tashabud

The Kalinga Man

As a youngster, he wakes up at the crack of dawn to feed the chicken and the pigs. Then he takes the carabao to pasture before going to school. As the youngster becomes a teenager, he goes to the forest to cut down trees with an axe. As he continues to do this chore, he starts to build those beautiful muscular arms of his. He gathers the fallen trees and makes a big pile. He bundles the pile with vines he collects from the forest, and then he swings the bundle over to his shoulder and carries it all the way home for mother to use to cook the family's supper. By doing this repeatedly, he builds and strengthens his beautiful muscles more.

(picture from me)
"The Kalinga Man and his daughter"

The Kalinga man seeks to better his life, so, he asks his parents if he's allowed to further his education in the city, away from his remote jungle home. His parents agree and send him away with a woven backpack to carry his things. He then enrolls at one of the country's most prestigious universities. He becomes educated in the ways of the modern civilization, and learns how to use and manipulate all kinds of electronic gadgets, including the camera. In order to supplement the money his parents sends him for school and living expenses, he works as a photographer for a local studio that provided him the camera to take pictures of foreigners who are touring his city.


Anonymous Pinoy Around the World

This picture is a perfect illustration of how modern technology and indigenous way of life can be perfectly married. The sight of a Kalinga man in his native attire wielding a camera to capture the beauty of his surroundings is not commonplace, but it does not mean that it is not practicable. By all means, he has all the right and he has the know-how, i suppose, to be using that intimidating piece of gadget.

Blogger lina

This is to show that tradition and technology need not be separated and alienated. If one choose being traditional and proud of it, doesn't mean he shun technology and be un-knowledgeable about it. A nice photo.


Blogger Tix•R•Us

The tourist already snap the sexy and buff Kalinga man in his traditional outfit, and now they want altogether picture of themselves without someone absent behind camera and the Kalinga man he volunteers to take picture for them, cuz actually he has a better digital camera than theirs back in the old village and what's more the Kalinga man has a blog that gets more hits than either you or me.


Blogger Kim
Asuka Miss Manilenya

Miss Write Anonymous lis



    Pinoy Around the World said...

    Wow! I am most honoured to have won second place! Thank you so much!

    i have sent you an email in response to your comments in my blog regarding the EC points.

    Can't wait to receive them - yehey!

    Shinade said...

    Congratulations to all of the winners.

    Wow was I ever way off.

    This was truly fun and interesting. I would love to see another one even without points being given away.

    Fantastic....simply fantastic!!

    Kim said...

    big congratulations to the winner !!!
    and thanks for the ecs too....:) :)
    have a terrific weekend :)

    Jenaisle said...

    Pinoy Around the world, you deserve the prize, I have sent it already.

    Shinade, yes, it was fun for me too. and I am glad that you enjoyed it too.

    Kim, you're welcome, ditto. Thanks to all of you for participating. I enjoyed your comments. Happy blogging.

    lina said...

    thank you again for awarding me the third prize.

    manilenya said...

    I thought I won because of the EC points that you gave me lol!

    Thank you very much, hehehe! photographer pala talaga sya e.

    Thanks again. Padayon!

    Shinade said...

    Thank you so very very much. What a lovely surprise. You are so very kind.

    I am travelling and blogging from the road and we are headed into some really bad weather.

    I was able to drop0 here but will lose single soon.

    I do so hope that I may have the privelage of placing an add on your site as well.

    Got to run...we are in the weather and it is truly a nasty storm.

    I hope you are having a grand week-end!!:-)

    Gebeleizis said...

    I am really impressed by both your blog and your gesture to give away entrecard credits to people (including myself)... Maybe there is a way to repay you for your kindness somehow.
    On the other hand, it's really impressive to read so many things about a traditional local culture. Congratulations for the great work!

    Jena Isle said...

    Lina, thanks too for taking time to read and participate.

    Manilenya, no , hindi talaga siya photographer ( he is not really a photographer). The Kalinga man owns the camera that he was using. The real photographer was the one who took his picture. But at some time in college he did work while studying.

    Shinade, thanks too for commenting. You are always welcome to visit this site and display your EC advert. Our culture is rich and worth writing about. Hope your trip will turn out well. Happy weekend too.

    Gebeleizis, thanks for your wonderful comment. This inspires me to write more about my culture.
    You don't have to repay me. I thank you. It is enough that other people will come to know about the Kalinga people and the culture and traditions that we have.

    Do drop by for new posts in the days to come. Happy blogging to all of you.

    Jena Isle said...

    Alexys, if I were to give the 4th prize. It would be you. I like your entry too. Thanks for participating.

    tashabud said...

    Hi Jena, I posted my entry to your Kalinga Man contest just before I went on vacation. I just arrived home last night. I'm surprised to see that I'm the winner. Thank you. Have a great week ahead of you.

    lispeth said...

    HI, thanks for the prize...

    noni said...

    Congratulations to all of the winners.

    but,,hey jena..
    why giving 50 EC to me...? only winner deserve points. (a competition is a competition)

    Strider said...

    congratulations to the winner!
    my thanks, too!

    Hot Momma said...

    Hi! i just want to inform you that i tagged you in my HotMomma blog. Sorry, it took me quite a while before informing you.

    thanks and bye!

    Jena Isle said...

    Tasha, I know everyone agrees that you've described the picture creatively. Congrats again. Nice to know you've been on vacation.

    Lispeth, Noni, Strider and HotMomma, I enjoyed all your comments, the EC credits - my small way of expressing it. Thanks for the visits.

    Happy blog hopping.