Saturday, April 26, 2008


These are some old Taloctoc traditions: ( some are still practised, some are not anymore)

1. The first thing that you do when you enter a house is to ask for water.
This indicates that you are extending the hands of friendship. You will know
if you are a welcome guest if the host gives you the drink; implying that he is
accepting your offer of friendship.

2. When you are offered food, accept it; not accepting it, is tantamount to
saying - " You are the enemy."

3. Whenever you visit a certain village, go first and see their elders,
or barrio captain. It is a gesture of respect. It also ensures that as long as
they know you are there, no one can harm you and that you are under their

4. Mingle with everyone, even if you hardly know them. Be friendly.
Remember, you are in their territory.

5. Do not leave when the table has been set. It amounts to rudeness.

There are still several old traditions and I will be posting them soon.


tashabud said...

Hi jena, these are good info for people who might be planning to make a trip to that area. Thanks for visiting me again.

Jena Isle said...

Thanks too Tasha for visiting. Your posts are picking up. Happy blogging.

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