Friday, April 18, 2008


Dong dong ay si dumma -ay
Insinali dumma-ay
Dong ay, si dong ilay
Insanali dumma ay

Intako mansasakdo (let's fetch water)
Intako mansasakdo
Dong, dong ay si dong ilay
Insinali dumma-ay

amman tako annosan, (let's be patient)
amman tako annosan,
dong dong ay si dong ila-ay
insinali dumma-ay.


rara said...

siya man pay, wen man pay
siya man pay, dong dong-ay
sidong ilay.

thanks for visiting my blog!
ive been to kaling during the 2006 cordillera day at lubuagan and its a great experience. when i thik of cordillera, i always think of kalinga. your province is rich in history. i consider myself daughter of abra for i stayed in lacub for a very long time. about the theme of my blog, its blogy o2 by eches. you can download it at hope this info helps!


Jena Isle said...

Thanks Rara for dropping by. My brother-in-law is from Abra too. Yes, Kalinga is rich in culture. Visit my blog now and then as I do yours. Happy blogging!