Wednesday, April 29, 2009


My other paternal grandfather was a true blooded Taloctoc native. All that adorned his lean muscular body was a g-string which undulated with his every movement. He was as strong as a bull and sturdy as an oak. At age 70, he still trekked to the kaingin a mountain away from the barrio.

He carried bundles of wood like an agile, young man. During the evenings, we would sit all around the hearth and he would sing to us an "ullalim" (native song) about the legend of the "sleeping beauty" . In the mornings, before the cock has crowed, he would be up and about and already honing his bolo for a day's work in the fields.

When he passed away at age 92, I cried a river; but knowing that he is finally at rest, made me feel better . My wonderful memories of him will never fade away and will remain treasured in my heart .

APO LOMIWAN, we love you, and wherever you are, we know you're in good hands and that you are happy. Till we meet again!


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zorlone said...

I can't be as sweet a talker as free cracked softwares, but I'd sure be following your blog!

I'm sorry about your Apo.

Agawid kan manang Jena.


Jena Isle said...

Hi free,

okay, thanks.

hello Z,

Don't be sorry, he's at rest now. Cheers. But I miss him.

tashabud said...

Hi Jena,
Your Apo Lomiwan lived to be 92. That's impressive, especially for folks out in the province.

I've never met any of my grandparents on either side. I've seen pictures of my grandmother on my father's side. She looked very Spanish, with high cheek bones, thin lips, very light skin, and small bones--almost fragile. Her nose was long, sharp, and angular. Unfortunately, I took most of my my mom's native Igorot look. LOL.

I wonder if they would have spoiled me. Good that you were able to enjoy your Lolo.


tashabud said...

Hi Z,
I'm excited to know that you can speak Ilocano. I feel more comfortable speaking in Ilocano than in Tagalog.

Isuna laeng ta baluktut ti panagsa-uk. Adda kaanakak nga katrabahuk ditoy. Kuna na kanyak, "Auntie, ag-Inglis ka laengen ta sa-an mo nga bagay ti agsa-u iti Ilocano."


tashabud said...

Hi Jena,
I think your computer's calendar is a month ahead. This is still April, but I noticed that your post is dated May 25th. Or, am I in the Twilight Zone? Hee, hee.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Tasha,

I've missed you. I hope everything's fine at your end. I'm glad you're back to visiting again. Take care and God bless.

Thanks for pointing out the date.

New Morden world – A Travel Blog said...

its really sad about your Apo. i have bookmarked u site its having nice info

Sherry said...

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fifi said...

hello! i hopped from luke's blog. i have seen you commented on jan's blog too but only had the chance to visit today. i am an anthropologist-wannabe (ngek) so i am so happy to have stumbled upon your blog where you write about your culture, our culture, something that not all of us are familiar with. will be dropping by every now and then. :)

Jena Isle said...

Hi New,

Thanks for dropping by. Happy blgo hopping.

Hi Sherry,

Congrats for winning. I have already displayed your widget. Cheers.

Hi Fifi,

Yes, I try to recall my experiences as a Kalinga Kid. It's difficult as I live now in the city and I rarely visit .

I'll be posting new updates next week. Thanks for dropping by.