Sunday, April 19, 2009


The Taloctoc dialect has a certain accent that is specific for only Taloctoc natives. The letter "T" is most often pronounced as "K"; the letter "D" is most often pronounced as a cross between "T" and "D" (a heavy "TH" sound).

English to Taloctoc

1. What is your name? Umma ngadan no?
2. Where do you live? Umma ili yo?
3. Please come here. Umali kaod atna.
4. I love you. Laydok sika
5. Where are you going? Umma ayam?
6. Look at this! Ilam kad de anna.
7. Go ahead! Ingkayon ot.
8. What do you see? Umma ma-ilam?
9. You lied! nantul-li ka.
10. You are beautiful. Mambalo(l here is pronounced as y)ka.
11. Why have you done this to me? Pamman kingwa kansakon de katnat?
12. Take care. Ammam pay.
13. Where are you right now? Umma igom sinsana?
14. Wait, please. Unniyan ot.
15. I hope you are doing well. Mambalo ka ot yan.


deejay said...

is the language the same as ilocano?

by the way i'm from mindanao.

Jena Isle said...

Hello Deejay,

No, it's very different. It's a native language and have a unique accent.

zorlone said...

I can see the difference. hmm... ahhh... let's see...
Okay, I don't reckon we'd be using this dialect any time soon, right? I wouldn't have to memorize this then? hehehe.

Where do you get your ideas to post? I can't seem to get past dropping ECs.

And my blog needs an update for the next WOOF contest. LOL


Jena Isle said...

Hi Z,

I don't sleep..he he he...well some of my post are replays Z, I have to be creative in posting as

Keep posting too.

Deeptesh said...

Sorry I don't know that lang!I saw ur collaborative writers' blog too...nice one.I'm one of the woof winners....chk out my blog too at

Jena Isle said...

Hi Deeptesh,

Yeah, I'll visit your blog. And you could visit my writing blog too at

Thanks God bless.

Jena Isle said...

Btw, congrats for winning at WOOF.

deped teacher said...

ang hirap pala ng language nyo. Maka bali ng dila.

pwedeng maki exchange link sayo.

and how much na rin ang blog review mo and also the banner 125x125

Virginia Gaces said...

Deped Teacher,

Sure, exchange links tayo. Blog review?, I'll try to think about it. You can advertise your EC widget anytime for a very minimal amount of EC credits.

fedhz said...

hmm. so the Umma is like what and where? ^^